Sunday, November 1, 2009

Economoc and Social Council, United Nations E/C.2/2007/2/Add.24 Economic and Social Council, Distr.: General, 12 March 2007

National Association for Resource Improvement (NARI) Special Consultative Status granted in 1998
(NARI) which means women in Bengali founded in 1986 and having United Nations status since 1998 connects many organizations and women who represent a cross section of entrepreneurs, social workers, lawyers, environmental and educators who believe charity and welfare are not enough to improver status of women and improve overall condition of women and improvement of environment. NARI is also very conscious of Climate Change consequences for Bangladesh and is sharing information.
Throughout the reporting period, NARI handicrafts made by very poor rural women and small businesses of middle class women entrepreneurs supported by NARI remained a regular annual activity with the objectives of guiding and supporting women towards self-reliance and empowerment of women. It also met the objectives of resisting violence against women and children and promoting safer working place for women workers and healthy environment for all. Nobel Peace Laureate Dr. Mohammad Yunus is the Founding Chairman of the Board. In 2002 NARI branch of women entrepreneurs and handicraft workers was established in Ambikapur, Faridpur. Sewing machines and trainers on a regular basis were provided. The center trained 200 young women. In this ongoing activity, they operate a shop of handicrafts in a rural area. Many young women operate their own small sewing businesses. It has been a most successful NARI activity. In Faridpur NARI also helped provide arsenic free water and helped arsenic affected women to establish small businesses. Neem tree plantation is another regular ongoing activity maintained during the 2002-2005 period. NARI women learned about their rights and took part in community activities

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