Sunday, November 1, 2009

Our projects show that deep tube wells is not the solution. People rejects deep tube wells water as it taste saline or high in iron or smells cow dung

Our projects show that deep tube wells is not the solution. People rejects deep tube wells water as it taste saline or high in iron or smells cow dung (cow dung is used in Bangladesh for deep drilling!). Deltaic sediments of Bangladesh is geologically unique in the world, within contaminated aquifers, there are still undicovered uncontaminated aquifer. But if, foreign consultants, depending NGOs or government's water experts draw master plan, there will be no solution to arsenic probleme in Bangladesh
NGOs are generically fund seekers and now provider of employment. Most of them have almost no reality beyond this.
And this generally grovelling bunch conveniently represents the public face in the eyes of the donors who ultimately decide policies.
Not because they want to but because they have to. The ability of the national counterparts is so low that they would not be able to formulate a policy without donor support. They are unable to disagree either because that might mean fund cuts (Daily Star, 2004).
So it all ends up in the same basket.
Acees to Safe Water
Water means prosperity -- its scarcity means poverty, regardless of material wealth. Human rights advocate that when a woman lives in an unsafe and unhealthy environment or lacks access to clean water, she is not enjoying her fundamental human rights to a life of dignity and to an adequate standard of living. Keeping these truths in mind, the poor women-folk have intensified their further involvement in the water harvesting activities beyond their domestic world.
Tulagram, Betbaria, Banogram etc. are one of the worst arsenic affected areas of Fairpur district. Sarasati's father is a blacksmith but he can hardly move and does not work any more (2004). Her mother is also very sick.Although they think that they do not drink arsenic contaminated water, as Sarasati collects water from TSF (Tubewell Sand Filter) water constructed by the NGO-Forum. We found this water contains a high amount of arsenic (above stanad). Actually this tubewell should be painted red. Nobody warned them. We began to analyse the geological formation and tested aquifers. At Sarasati's house we discovered an aresenic free aquifer and a made available to all an arsenic free water. After one year we are surprise to find a happy family - Sarasati is playing theatre, father has open his shop. Just a simple water can change the life!!
Thus, we have made several arsenic free water wells in : Village Vashan Char, Village Ambikapur, Village Kaijuri, Village Tulagram, Village Muraridhoa, Village Purbo Muraridhoa, Village Purbo Banogram, Village Madha Para, Domkaron, Village Purbo Banogram, Dhakin Para, Village Tambulkhana, . Village Betbaria, Aubergine Village- Betbaria, Village Kasnail and village Shuborampur etc.Many well to do faimly followed our instruction to make arsenic free water wells. May be the impact of our work is greater than we expected!
of Bangladesh, i. e., Hinduism (Modern hinduism is the result of a blending orthodox Brahmanism with non-Aryan materialistic superstitions) which came earliest, Buddhism second and Islam. There is no denying the fact, the oldest inhabitants of Bangladesh known as Australoid, then the Dravidians, Aryans and the Muslims made a chequered history of this region and the Nakshi Kantha (An embellished quilt embroidered in traditional motifs and innovative style by rural women of Bangladesh) found a unique character as a multi religious product and also a multiracial expression.
The story the kantha is rooted in the history, culture, civilization of Bangladesh since thousands of years The art of kantha embroidery carries a language that is universal, drawing from the well of mankind's primitive and traditional art knowledge, and giving to the world a priceless cultural heritage. Kantha (Quilt) is a product of a non-literate society with psychological and cultural tradition of Bangladesh.


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